Who am I and What am I doing?

What can I do for you?

I have the resources and the ability to source any product or create a new product in China. Let us start talking about any your ideas or projects.

can I save any Cost?
Yes, you can!
Produce your products In China which is one of the Safest Country

Can you save any time?
Yes, you can! I am professional.
I have sourced promotional products in China since 2005.

Who Am I?

I am Charles Jin, Chinese name Feng Jin.
I was born in 1978 and went to University in 1997, and graduated in 2001.

I have worked in the Kingkos Group Co., Ltd since 2005.

As a sourcing manager, with experience in sourcing promotional products, purchase, production, quality inspection, shipping, Prop 65 & CPSIA test, my International Trade background informs me more professional.

What is the top secrets in promotional product industry?
Yes, they are sourcing and buying a lot of blank promotional products from China first and do printing in domestic later.

You can do the same sucessful way like Top 40 suppliers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Minimum quantity sourcing from China?
For an overseas project, a minimum quantity guideline follows: 
Hats – 576 units;  Lanyard –  500 units; Bandannas – 500 units; Writing Instruments – 10,000 units;  Bags & Blankets – 1,000 units;  Umbrellas – 1,000 units;  Stress Balls – 5,000 units;  Key Tags – 10,000 units;  Stainles?s – 2,500 units;  Ceramics – 2,500 units;  Electronics – 1,000 units.
Shipping time?
The ocean time are about 18 days from China to Los Angele seaport or Long Beach seaport and about 32 days from China to NY seaport. The wharf time is about 5 days in the US and 5 days in China. The delivery time in USA is about 3 days. 
The Express delivery time from China to USA is about 5 – 7 days. 
The air shipping time from China to USA is about 7 – 9 days.
Pre-pro sample time?
Please Allow 15 Days For Proof Sample Upon Receipt Of Artwork in case of existing products. In case of OEM products requiring custom, tooling sampling may take as long as 40 – 45 days.
Mass production time?
The standard production time is 35 days after the approval of the pre-pro sample. 

How It Works?

STEP 1 Send your idea and design concept and discuss with me to get started

  • Please be specific about the color of the product that you are looking for if a custom color is desired.
  • Please indicate the quantity that you are looking for.
  • Please indicate that delivery schedule that your customer requires.
  • Please indicate the delivery address.
  • Please be specific about the imprint – the number of colors, process(e.g. silkscreen, embroidery) and location(s).
  • Please indicate if the special packaging is required

STEP 2 Products Sourcing

  • Please let me source your next overseas Project in China.
  • Choose the trusted manufacturers to match with your project needs.
  • Make graphic mockups with your logo, or create 2D drawings, Send you the image or drawings and free quotation for your approval.
  • Located any standard or unique item within 24 – 48 hours.
  • Obtain overseas factory prices with lower minimum quantities.
  • Get everything done under one roof. No more transferring products from vendor to vendor.
  • Let you know the cost and delivery time for different shipping methods like express, sea freight, and air freight.

STEP 3 Ready To Production.

  •  The prototyping or the pre-pro sample is made of your design and sent to you for inspection and approval for mass production. 

STEP 4 Production Follow-up

  • Generally, production follow-up can be more time consuming than looking for a manufacturer, usually taking weeks or months.
  • You definitely don’t want to waste weeks or months in both time and energy to keep eyes on your products

STEP 5 Quality Inspection

  • The During Production (DUPRO) Inspection and Production monitoring allow you to drastically reduce the number of defective items that are packaged and shipped – saving you both time and money.
  • The Pre-shipment inspection is conducted on-site at the factory before the goods are loaded and sent to the port.

STEP 6 Shipping - Caculate All Cost of Sending Products To Your Address

  • Prepare all documents for import & export.
  • Arrange local transport, international shipping, and delivery.

STEP 7 Aftersales - Responsibility

Let me quote your overseas project and work together as a team member.