How To Export in China

What license required to export goods?

  • China Foreign Trade Registration Certificate
  • China Customs Registration Certificate
  • You do not need to have them, you can export the goods by the shipping agency and use them the corporation to handle it. In this way, you can not get any refund of duty from the government. This is a simple way you can export lots of common goods in China. Please note that you need to find a good shipping agency to save lots of money. Mostly, the extra cost of an export license document is $30.00 – $50.00 each shipment.
  • If you want to get the refund of duty from the government, you can work with an import and export agency. But please note that you need to let your customer pay the money to your agency’s account. If you start your business in this way, you need to find a good agency to sign a contract to protect yourself at first. To trust, the best way is that you need to create your business name similar to your agency’s name. If you do not do that, you need to explain everything to your customer why he needs to pay the money to the third company, but he does the business with you.

Export Customs procedures in China

  • After goods packed for export, the necessary export customs clearance documents required by China load port customs are prepared. You need to prepare an export license & Invoice & Packing list & contract( Ningbo seaport and Shenzhen seaport) before movement of export cargo to Customs port of China. The export documents are filed with China customs electronically at this moment.
  • The cargo is moved from Exporters location to China export customs location where international carriers are also operated. 
  • Once the export entry is passed out China customs, necessary permission is given by China customs authorities to move export cargo. Necessary export inspection procedures by China customs authorities are undertaken wherever required.
  • Prepare the custom clearance documents in destination for your customer.

Methods of quality control and Pre-shipment inspection

  • Self-Certification – a manufacturing unit certifies its own products and issues exporters.
  • In-Process Quality Control – stage by stage inspection of products like chemicals and engineering goods is done during the process of production. The inspection includes: Raw materials and bought out components control, Process Control, Product control, Packing and packaging control.
  • Outgoing Inspection – you should do before you ship the goods out from the location where the products are produced.

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